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AppleBerry Design is a Polokwane, Limpopo based design company that specialises in design, manufacture and installation of kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, entertainment areas, as well as shopfitting for commercial purposes.

Modern tendencies proved that the kitchen is no longer a separate room at the back of the house but it has become the heart of the home. It is not only a space to prepare and cook food but the place for action! It has become a favourite and focal area of a home where families gather and guests are entertained.

New and interesting gadgets are on the market these days for storing groceries and appliances (apparatus) and accommodating activities for the whole family – it has become the most important area (space/place) in a home.

Any dream kitchen today utilize new appliances, cabinets, counter tops and more key components to inspire the food lovers market.

Every kitchen should have a layout that is practical and functional. Available space is crucial in considering and planning a successful and pleasant atmosphere for preparation, eating and entertaining.

Storage plays an essential part in a well planned kitchen. Favourite utensils should be within arm’s reach. The overall picture should be welcoming, good looking and creative – a picture of vibrant personality.

How it works

  • Call us to make an appointment.
  • We offer a wide variety of styles and finishes.
  • After the consultation we are ready to start designing.
  • Once the design is completed a viewing will be done at our showroom.
  • Upon finalization of design a detailed quotation will follow.

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